Investment Criteria

JAMAS seeks direct or indirect equity and equity-like investment opportunities that offer substantial upside while minimizing risk. Control positions are preferred but not mandatory.

JAMAS welcomes the opportunity to analyze and participate in a wide variety of opportunities, including those that complement our current portfolio as well as others that provide meaningful diversification.

General Guidelines

Value investing in basic industries and real estate
Substantial turnaround and distressed ventures
Complex situations including pre- and post-bankruptcy
Venture capital and early stage funding for unique opportunities
Bolt-ons within our current investment portfolio
Enterprise value $10 million to $500 million, with exceptions considered

Special Situations

JAMAS provides a unique solution-based approach to special situations and distressed investing. We bring agility and innovation to processes involving such opportunities. Particular focus lies on direct, strategic investments and a myriad of securities, including asset-backed, collateralize debt, and other pools of distressed assets.

JAMAS sponsors investments for venture capital, start-ups and early round investments in select situations. We have a particular interest in complementing our current investment portfolio, and in technology and financial services.